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Tracking for Success

  • Key Content

    In this video, the deputy principal describes the process the school leaders went through to develop electronic systems and processes to track student academic success. The principal describes how the tracking tool alerted school leaders when students were at risk of not achieving and led them to consider ways to ensure students had further opportunities to succeed.

    The multiple ways the teachers and leaders responded to students who needed extra support to gain NCEA credits is described.

  • Things to Think About

    Conversation framework for those new to Kia Eke Panuku:

    1. What systems and processes exist in your school to alert staff and support Māori students at risk of not achieving their potential?
    2. How do you ensure Māori students in your school have the chance to improve their results so that there are more opportunities and courses of study available to them in the future?
    3. To what extent do Māori students and their whānau understand the options available to them in your school, should they need further learning and assessment opportunities? How do you know?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku schools:

    1. How could a tracking and monitoring tool for Māori students support evidence to accelerate conversations?
    2. How could this approach to data and evidence support the Ako: Critical Cycle of Learning?
    3. How does this approach to collecting evidence and monitoring student success promote an inquiry mindset at whole school and department level?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku Strategic Change Leadership teams:

    1. In what ways have tracking tools been used in your school and how have you used them within the SCLT work to support positive outcomes for Māori learners?
    2. How could you, as the SCLT use a tracking and monitoring tool such as described in this clip to promote a relentless focus on the success of Māori students?
    3. How could you, as the SCLT promote opportunities for Māori students to understand and know about their own data and develop their own self-monitoring ability?

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