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Rawiri Manley at Ka Hikitia Effectiveness Report launch

  • Key Content

    Rotorua Boys' High School’s Head Boy, Rawiri Manley, highlights the parallels between his own journey as a Māori student in the 21st Century and his ancestors' journey to Aotearoa.

  • Things to Think About

    Conversation framework:

    1. “Ko tātou ngā rangatira o āpōpō, Ka pū te ruha ka hao te rangatahi.”
      We are the leaders of tomorrow, the old net is cast aside while the new net goes fishing.
      • Discuss this whakatauki from Rawiri’s speech.
      • What does it mean for your role in your school community and your day to day actions?

    2. What connections do you make between Rawiri’s kōrero and the Ka Hikitia vision of "Māori students enjoying and achieving education success as Māori"?
    3. Rawiri uses the metaphor of stormy waters and the pursuit of excellence. He advises us all to “let your sails down, believe in yourself, stay persistent and keep moving forward”. Considering your current roles and responsibilities within the school, what are some of the stormy waters you are journeying through, or might need to be prepared for, as you navigate towards your islands of excellence? Who, and what, can support you to chart a true course?

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