Culturally Responsive & Relational Pedagogy video kete

Video 5: Tacit to explicit - learning about learning

  • Key Content

    In this clip the teacher works alongside students to explore the learning process and identify the steps they might take to produce a quality piece of persuasive writing. The students share their reflections on how they learned to become a more effective writer and learner through this process:

    • learning about learning
    • culturally responsive and relational pedagogy.
  • Things to Think About

    Conversation framework for those new to Kia Eke Panuku:

    1. Discuss ways in which contexts are created where students actively seek feedback and feed-forward on their learning from each other and their teachers.
    2. The teacher is explicit about sharing the value and purpose of both the writing and learning. How does this play out in your own practice?
    3. What questions would you ask the teacher profiled in this clip?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku schools

    1. In this clip the focus is on understanding the writing/learning process as much as producing a quality piece of writing. Within your context, how do you support this deeper focus on learning for your Māori students while also creating a product or completing a learning task?
    2. Consider how this teacher has established a context within which the shared vision and interdependent roles and responsibilities focus on the potential of learners.
    3. In what ways does this clip provide evidence that learning that is interactive and dialogic can be beneficial to Māori students’ learning?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku Strategic Change Leadership teams:

    1. In this clip the focus is on understanding the learning process as much as developing practice. Within your context, how do you support this deeper focus on theorising for your colleagues while also supporting their integration of culturally responsive and relational pedagogy?
    2. Consider the Ako: Critical contexts for learning resource. Discuss the connections between the three elements and the simultaneous success trajectories, outlined in this resource, and this teacher’s practice.
    3. What connections do you make can you make between the key ideas in this clip and the five Kia Eke Panuku dimensions/levers for change?. What are the implications for your SCLT focus on these dimensions in your school and community?