Culturally Responsive & Relational Pedagogy video kete

Video 2: Dialogic professional learning

  • Key Content

    In this clip Strategic Change Leadership Team (SCLT) members discuss how they have changed the way that professional learning occurs in their school. Rather than taking a knowledge transmission approach to professional learning they now provide teachers with multiple opportunities to engage in dialogue and collectively make sense of culturally responsive and relational pedagogy:

    • dialogic professional learning
    • linking theory and practice.
  • Things to Think About

    Conversation framework for those new to Kia Eke Panuku:

    1. Discuss how teachers in this school are provided with opportunities to engage in dialogue to improve their practice. In your school, what opportunities do you have to engage in dialogue with colleagues and how is this linked to your practice?
    2. The SCLT talked about developing a shared understanding of culturally responsive and relational pedagogy across the school. Why do you think that this is this an important part of professional learning in this school?
    3. Consider the benefits of teachers working in mixed groups when engaging in professional learning. How has this SCLT developed a sense of collective responsibility across the staff?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku schools:

    1. What connections do you make between the context for learning that has been created for the teachers in this school and culturally responsive and relational pedagogy ?
    2. In what ways does professional learning in your school reflect what you see in this clip? In what ways is it different? How might it be improved?
    3. Consider how you engage in professional learning with colleagues in your curriculum area and across your school. What is the impact of your professional learning on outcomes for Māori learners?

    Conversation Framework for Kia Eke Panuku Strategic Change Leadership teams:

    1. The importance of providing teachers with opportunities to link theory and their practice is highlighted in this clip. How have you done this in your own team? How have you done this across the school?
    2. Consider the opportunities this clip presents for you to activate the kaupapa across the school.
    3. Discuss differentiating a professional learning response based on the evidence of outcomes for your Māori learners, the needs of your colleagues, and those of your wider community.