Being able to build on your own experiences and the experiences of others

  • Not only do our teachers help us, but our kaumātua help us learn - we should also embrace our connection with our kaumātua.

  • Being the only one of my family to actually make it to high school, using my siblings’ failures to drive my success - that’s really helped me through high school.

  • My grandparents always pushed my brother and me to try our hardest. They don’t want us to be like them and not finish high school. My brother – he always wanted me to be better cause he didn’t finish high school either. He’s always wanted me to try my hardest and believe in myself - to go on to bigger things.

  • You really have to turn everything into a positive note. Like, you have to use your past experiences as motivation to get to where you want to be, to make your ancestors proud.

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