Ka Hikitia connects to Reading Strategies

Guiding principles of Ka Hikitia
(Ministry of Education, 2013)

  • Treaty of Waitangi: ensuring Māori students enjoy and achieve education success as Māori is a shared responsibility
  • Māori potential approach: high expectations for Māori students to achieve
  • Ako: a reciprocal, two-way teaching and learning approach
  • Identity, language and culture count: Māori students benefit from seeing their experiences and knowledge reflected in teaching and learning
  • Productive partnerships with key stakeholders: ongoing exchange of knowledge and information and the involvement of parents and whānau.

All of these principles are essential when we seek to connect with Māori communities, whānau, hapū and iwi.

Once we have effectively connected to these communities research shows that the benefits back to students and staff in schools can be highly significant. To access a PDF of the Auditor General’s report which details some of this research, click the image or link below. The report is located on the Ministry of Education's Education Counts site.

Ka Hikitia. A Demonstration Report.
Effectiveness of
 Te Kotahitanga Phase 5