This module outlines key messages from research and literature that relate to schools connecting with their Māori communities, including whānau, hapū and iwi.

An analysis of the research findings reported in Chapter 7 of the School Leadership BES (Alton-Lee, Robinson, Hohepa & Lloyd, 2009), entitled Creating educationally powerful connections with family, whānau and communities, is also included.

This module begins by connecting with related principles from the Ka Hikitia strategy. It then provides the theoretical framework for developing effective educational connections between schools and their Māori communities.

This module contains video clips and transcript extracts from the narratives of experience of researchers, Māori parents, whānau and community members.

This resource is intended to support school leaders, teachers and staff with a process for considering (and reconsidering) reasons for connecting and developing collaborative home-school relationships with their Māori communities.

Additionally the module provides an opportunity to engage in some interactive activities and explore a set of resources for school leadership teams to promote the understandings and actions of their staff around a range of possible procedures for connecting with their Māori communities.

Although the resources are presented in a logical order, it is not expected that you will necessarily participate in them all, or do them in any particular order.