This module details Pause Prompt Praise and Reciprocal Teaching, two well researched and effective reading strategies, or smart tools, that fit within the principles of culturally responsive and relational pedagogies.

Pause Prompt Praise is a one-to-one reading tutoring programme aimed at benefitting low progress readers. This strategy has also been used as a means for connecting schools with their Māori whānau and communities. As a koha, this strategy could begin the building of collaborative partnerships with Māori whānau and communities when it is used in conjunction with the Connecting with Māori Communities module.

When Pause Prompt Praise has been used as a one-to-one reading tutoring programme in the school and simultaneously in collaboration with Māori whānau at home, it has produced some exceptional results.

Chapter 7 of the School Leadership BES: Creating educationally powerful connections with family, whānau and communities (Alton-Lee, Robinson, Hohepa & Lloyd, 2009. p.144) presents some of this research in the context of supporting fluent Māori speaking students transition to English medium classrooms at Year 9 (Berryman, 2001).

An overview of this research has been included in this module.

Reciprocal Reading is an effective, straightforward and co-operative group-reading strategy for promoting shared reading as well as reading with meaning that can be used by classroom teachers across the curriculum.

This module begins by connecting with related principles from the Ka Hikitia strategy.

It then explains the theoretical basis that underpins each of the respective smart tools, key messages from the research, and some implementation guidelines.

Both smart tools are supported by a series of video clips to support understanding and implementation.