Mahi Tahi

Mahi Tahi making the difference

Mahi Tahi engenders collaborating with collective responsibility, accountability and commitment to support and care for each other throughout all endeavours. This section presents the Critical Contexts for Learning, identifies the defining elements of Mahi Tahi and theorises the synergy of their coming together for transformative school reform within Kia Eke Panuku.

Mahi Tahi working together

This section provides a “map” of the work undertaken by Strategic Change Leadership Teams (SCLT) and the perspectives that guide their way of working. Each phase is described in the “Voices” of kaitoro (facilitators) who detail the interplay of the institutions that enable the realisation of the kaupapa.

The term institution describes the structures, processes and procedures that schools create to monitor their performance and institutionise innovation and improvement.

Kia Eke Panuku does not seek to impose new institutions on schools but invites them to build on existing institutions and re-imagine their use.