Literacy Network Kete

It is understood that there are many Māori students in our schools who will need support to accelerate their literacy skills if they are to achieve sufficient credits for NCEA.

The Kāhui Whakaako schools have worked with the Kia Eke Panuku team to develop a kete of shared resources for use across the curriculum within Kia Eke Panuku schools.

Hui Kāhui Whakaako

In order to promote conditions for accelerating literacy learning in classrooms, it was proposed that three contexts, that worked simultaneously, were essential. The first of these contexts - deliberate professional acts of literacy - should overlay a context of culturally responsive and relational pedagogy together with home, school and community engagement focused on literacy learning.

Evidence from each of the separate contexts in this 1 + 1 + 1 model provided a compelling argument for this inter-related contextual model.

Kāhui Whakaako schools

A list of Kāhui Whakaako schools can be found in the About section of this site.