Critical Contexts and Dimensions of Change

In order to promote conditions for accelerating school reform, it is proposed that three Critical Contexts for Learning:

    • deliberate professional acts;
    • culturally responsive and relational pedagogy/leadership; and,
    • home, school and community engagement

should underpin the Dimensions of Change.

The Critical Contexts for Learning are further explained in the Mahi Tahi section.

Schools use the dimensions as the levers for accelerated school reform in order to close the gap between Māori and non-Māori participation and achievement.

The personal commitment of all to the dynamic interplay of these dimensions will effect transformative change for Māori students and their communities. To do this schools need to develop a culturally responsive relationship with Māori. Such a relationship involves schools taking a less powerful, responsive listening role where the cultural knowledge of whānau is seen as legitimate and to be valued.



School leaders have a critical role in disrupting and changing the status quo of Māori under-achievement.

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